เดิน ช้อปปิ้ง เหนื่อยๆ และ คนเต็มไปหมด ลองเข้าไป หาอะไรอร่อยๆกิน บรรยากาศ สบายๆ ที่ สีฟ้า


Seefah is a chain Thai food restaurant, started some 80 years ago and a favorite place for old timer people in Bangkok for old recipes.

The food is delicious with many dishes hard to find, and also with many specialties that are well known.

Go to most shopping centers that target the above average people in Bangkok and a Seefah is likely there. The price is on the high end of franchise restaurant. The price is a bit high like for a bowl of Yellow Rice Noodle it is above 100 baht. The service and setting are great.

There is something about the service here and the place is usually nicely design, so one can really feel relax and hunker down for some great food.

Not to miss at Seefah is yellow noodle call Bami Asawin and also the rice pot plates.

Often when one is at a shopping-centers, one feel rushed and tired, and so one can be needing some food, in a place one can really relax. Seefah is great for this.



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