There are many great Italian food restaurants in Bangkok, from traditional and being run by Italian grandmothers to modern places, run by Italian expatriates, so choosing one might be difficult.

But for a high class, modern setting, and with a great selection of natural wine, it is hard to beat About Eatery. In fact, About Eatery is credited with having the first and only “Natural Wine” focus wine list.

Walking into About Eatery, it looks and feel like one is walking into a restaurant at a five star hotel, but the place is located at Ocean Tower II on Asok road. 

Part of the design of the restaurant is an open kitchen with a counter, for customers to sit, so one can see the Italian chef prepare the meal. The menu includes most popular Italian dish with a few specialty, including cheese platter, cold cut, lamb chop, Iberico pork, Strawberry risotto with fish, and various pasta and special sauce, like deer meat and wild boar sauce.

The owner of About Eatery is an Italian who specializes in natural wine, often giving classes on this issue in Bangkok. The natural wines are imported from globe over.

Natural wine refers to a generalized movement among winemakers for production of “natural” wine without pesticides, chemicals and other additives.

The term natural wine is somewhat ambiguous and there are disagreements between fans of the wines as to what exactly constitutes a natural wine. One popular phrase is the idea that “nothing is added and nothing is taken away.” Some fans insist that natural wines must have zero sulphites added, while for others some addition at bottling is allowed.

In any case the total amount of sulphites present in a natural wine is significantly lower than in a non-naturally produced wine. Most agree that the grapes used must come from organically grown grapes, and that only wild or indigenous yeasts be used to ferment the juice (as opposed to a laboratory-produced cultivated yeast strain.)

About Eatery has one of the best Italian food in Bangkok, often, with special event, like all you can eat cheese set or making pasta from scratch and making pasta dishes in front of the customers.


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